couldn’t watch flash video (flv)..

Have you ever had experience your hopefully expectation to watch video failed? whereas you already waited for so long while download it! (Furthermore, if you used the provider with the sucking internet connection, like mine, Grrr.. ) I think you have.. and how was your feeling? or What have you done??  dont tell me that you deleted it..

At first while i got this problem, i thought that it might be broken file, like some parts of it corrupted. Then i downloaded it again from youtube, but (again!) it didn’t work. The damn message always came out as i pressed play button, like this,

error media classic

I just let this problem go for long enough.
Yesterday, this annoying problem came out again. And that time, it got my curiosity make me to give permission to emerge. I started checking out the error of the message. Hmm.. yup,  i didn’t understand at all :p . As usual, asking grandpa google  would be able to overcome it. In a flash, a list of sites appeared on my screen. Hmm, apparantly lots of people got the problem as well, so i was not alone. I read their conversation about the problem, and many types of  messages error were. There were quite lots of solutions in fact. I’ve tried to configure Media Player Classic like they said but failed, tried again.. failed again. Hmm.. ow, there was a simple solution i read! What was that? Just download a typical player for those damn videos..  Huuf, okey i donwload it. And.. yuhhuu, it worked.. !! Why didn’t i think that i should find the right player at the beginning?! I did.. but i just wanna make my curiosity leaving in peace 🙂

Here the site if you got the same problem.. just download wimpyFLV player..
Keep smiling..


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