Making some money on the Internet..

A few days ago, when i appeared online on YM, a friend of mine greeted me suddenly. He hasn’t never been online before( i mean, chatted with me), and he appeared offline actually ^^ . I don’t know whether he was really offline when i was online or the other way, i was offline when he was online.. So, that was the first time i chatted with him on YM although in reallity, my home is near to him.

Aah, it is not the point i wanna bring to this blog. So, What exactly are you  trying to say Hadi?? Oke, What i really want to tell is, i got the interesting information from my friend by the chatting. What was that? That was about how to make some money on the internet. Maybe some of you have already known about this (even i already knew it before, but never tried it ^^), so  why are you still here if you already knew? Just Get lost from my blog!! (hehe kidding.. )
Ok, the first thing first you have to do for making some money on the cyberworld is, sign in on paypal site. It will make you have paypal account (read here for the detail ). Afterthat, register on site giving that service (so many sites, just find out at uncle google with some keys, “klik iklan” in bahasa or “money click”, just make your own key sir :D). I myself have tried this site, and already got a little money ^^ (i didn’t do it intensively guys)
stat bux to

See?? Just $ 0,32.. heh..!! i remembered, Last time i checked my balance just $0,19! How come i can get more? Hmmm..  mmmm… oo, maybe my another friend filled my username in Refferer box when registration. Yeah, that was time when we (me, my friend as informant, my unregistered friend) had a conversation about this, i said to him (unregistered friend), “Hei, dont forget to fill out in refferer box with  my username, khawanz, when you register, oke..” Hmm, maybe he is the suspected person ^^ (Thanks to him if it was really him.. hehehe.. You should be more active, pal! 😀 ).
Btw, refferer is a person who give you information about this and it is optional whether you want him/her as your refferer or not (and my bad, i didn’t fill refferer box with my friend as informant on purpose .. that time i hadn’t known yet, sorry for being stupid , bro 😦 )

Just for your information, you can get $0,01 by clicking one advertisement on that site (many of them, only give us that much) after 30 seconds. And here is the sign if you are success..

Finally, that’s all i can share it in my blog.. just try it and make it side job while you are browsing 😀

So, why are you still in my blog?? Just sign in and make me as your refferer  ^_^


  1. Bill

    quote: “Hmm, maybe he is the suspected person ^^ ”
    i know the person whom you talked about…hohoho

    mmm, i think not use paypal as money receiver, you only can use alertpay as receiver…

    one more thing that i want to know is how to draw those money as real money???? you have to solve it……

  2. ow, the person that i was talking about appeared hehe..
    so, it was really you bil, the suspected person ^^

    Yup, i was wrong, paypal not for It uses alertpay to get cash money.. thanks for correction.

    About your question, unfortunately, we must have an admited credit card in alertpay. And you know, there is no yet local bank in indonesia that admited by them (see here ).
    So, we can’t take cash money.. maybe. CMIW..

  3. you can also try working on if you want to make money online. There are so many jobs available there.

    Hope you’ll find a job on Odesk.

  4. hadi

    thanks for your nice info bro, i will try making it there soon..
    and thanks again for visiting this blog 🙂

    • No problem.

      Just apply for an “hourly” job there, and not “fixed” because there’s no assurance of earning on the latter.

      By the way, the anime character on your avatar, is that Kaito Kid?

  5. hadi

    ow, you reply it so quickly..
    Yes, that is Kaito kid.. pretty cool, right?

    Btw, you are first foreigner visited my blog..
    Glad to know it.. ^^

    And, it seems i was wrong calling you ‘bro’ in my previous comment.. 🙂

    • I don’t have anything to do at home. That’s why I’m almost glued to my computer’s chair. 🙂

      I like Kaito Kid too. Have you read the manga where he’s the main character? It’s entitled Magic Kaito.

      Really? I should have received a prize for that. haha. *kidding*

  6. hadi

    Oh, nice info.. I just knew it from you that kaito kid has role as main character.. I will find it soon.. 😀

    Hmm.. i wish i could give you something ^_^

    May i know what you are?
    it doesn’t matter if you won’t.. but i guess you are student..

  7. Magic Kaito and Detective Conan shares the same creator. The former was made first than the latter. Click this if you want to read the manga Magic Kaito.

    Hehe. Don’t mind it. I was just kidding.

    Yes, I’m a college student here in Philippines. But I also work online (sometimes if I don’t feel lazy to do so).

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